Gline mass connecting bots on your status window

Do you have problem with bots attacking your IRC Network? Have you installed Antirandom which can hold some random nicks and gives gives you the option to block, shun, kill, or even gline those nicks.

If you need some more protection, BOPM protects your network from proxy connections.

Lets say you have multiple connections all from different IP addresses and not your AntiRandom nor BOPM can stop them, the only thing you will need to do is set +i (invite only) channel mode which will leave all the connecting bots on your status.

The next step you need is connect new nick to your server on a new mIRC Script (not the one you are using) get an oper and than paste this code bellow in your script remote after saving that, join channel #gline

on *:text:*:#Gline:{
gline $$2 . fLood/cLone/proxy

After this, do a /who (with your everyday nick) on your status windows, copy all the nicks (most of them should be bots) and paste them on the channel #gline, where you new nick is connected and has an oper on, and the PASTED nicks should look like this:

* GANDALF1345 H? [email protected] :0 GANDALF1345
* FATMA567 H? [email protected] :0 FATMA567
* YLLNORA556 H? [email protected] :0 YLLNORA556
* VETIM345 H? [email protected] :0 VETIM345
* Baatz1530 H? [email protected] :0 Baatz1530
* Curran H? [email protected] :0 Curran
* FATON64 H? [email protected] :0 FATON64

This should gline all the bots you pasted on your #gline channel.
NOTE: If you choose other channel, than edit the #channel in the code.

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