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im deaf in one eye, blind in one ear, i like to drink my cigarettes and smoke my beer ]
[ im deaf in one eye, blind in one ear, i like to drink my cigarettes and smoke my beer ]
[ who here is all for sex night and daye i am ]
[ ———>~~IN LIFE THERE R NO MISTAKES ONLY HAPPY LITTLE BOO BOOS~~< ---------- ] [ sex is like snow, u never know how many inches you'll get or how long its gonna last! ] [ {"I eeve eee, eee eeeeeee I eeve eee, I weeee eeeeee heve eee hete ]V[e eee teeeg eee the teeth thee eeee ]V[e eee teeeg eee eeee."} ] [ {"Netheeg ee the weeee ee ]V[eee eeegeee thee eeeeeee egeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eteeeeete."} ] [ ee.eeeeGeMme e eheeee 2 ehew ee e N e eheeee 2 Ne ee e Jeet e tRe e N deeee NeThee e weeT de 4 eee`e.ee ] [ ("---[ ]V[ I k e e|e I e e v e e e e e ]---") [ *TeUeH Me* *TeAeE Me* *eO]V[E Oe BeBY * eLeAeE Me*] ] [ Live Everday As If It Were Your Last ] [ e.-~*'eee'*~-.ee-eIf You Can't Amaze People With Your Intelligence.... Confuse Them With Your Bullshit!e-ee.-~*'eee'*~-.e ] [ ~eCendee Testes Geed But Meh Kesses ere Betteh!!!e~ ] [ xeee.xU Want Me U better Respect ME,U Don't Respect Me Guess Who Wont Get MExeee.x ] [ ,.-~*'eee'*e~-.e-( Daddy's little girl, but not the girl that daddy knew, daddy never had a clue ) -,.-~*'eee'*e~-.e ] [ Sex Is Bad, Sex Is Sin, Sins Are Forgotten, So Stick It In!!! ] [ e cue meke e meekee eut ee u, but e eHd e tke ell ee ce^ ] [ ee e hee e eece lek eeee eee eue me eeeeetee ] [ What Did One Whore Say To The Other Whoree...Who Fucking Cares.. ] [ iF uR nIcE, u cAn CaLL CaLL mE sWeEtY. IF uR sWeEt U cAn cAlL mE hUnNy. If Ur HoT u CaN cAlL mE 2niTe. ] [ WhAt U sEe Is WhAt U gEt So MaKe Ur MoVe.... U wOnT rEgReT!!!! ] [ I WaSNt kIsSiN HiM...I WaS jUs TeLLiN HiZ LiPz A SEcReT.... ] [ SiNgLe...sExY....FrEe 2 fLiRt ...WaNnAbE miNe... ] [ i DuNnO iF I lYk Ya...i DuNnO If I cArE...aLl i No Is daT uR rEaLlY HoT...n iTs hArd nOt 2 sTaRe..... ] [ Ur So SxXy....YoUr sOO FlY WeN iM wId U I cUd tOuCh dA sKy....!!! ] [ eeeee leee, eegee heee, e ell ee e eeee heeele eeZ ] [ *A GoOd gUrL Is hArD tO FiNd ...... A bAd gUrL iS hArd To ReSiSt* ] [ RoSe'S aRe ReD vIoLeTs ArE blUe thE SuN iS HOt.... N sO R u ] [ .....ReAl EyEZ....ReAlizE.....ReAl LiEs..... ] [ BaBy BoI u sTaY ON mA MiNd...FeEL mA FANTAsY.... ] [ Im SmArt...CuTe...SeXi...N IM WaITiN 2 b fOwNd... ] [ e eee eeeeKLe....e eee eheee...eeet geve ee....eeeeL ee (v)eee.... ] [ i DoNt cHaSe DeM....i juS RePLaCe DeM...... ] [ ehekee (v)a eeeeee....(v)eveeg (v)e heee (v)ekee e eeeL e Leek ee Leee eet ee eee geL eeeee e Lek eez.... ] [ i havent sleep since i have woke up...And found my whole life was a lie ] [ [ We r Quitters and we r sober] ] [ {cUtE} _ {LiL} _ {cRaZy} _ {AuZZiE} _ {AnjEwL} ] [ (Last Christmas I wrapped it up and sent it,With a note sayin' "I love you", I meant it! ( ] [ U think U know...but girl you dont...youve no idea.. ] [ Camelesbian- mine n gen's word ] [ I'm a bitch i got class you mess wif me i'll kick ur ass so all of you hoes who think your cool i'll beat your ass coz bitches rule!! ] [ It's better to regret the things you do than to regret the things you didn't do ] [ BoreD of being BoreD ] [ ive got a very powerfull tounge if u get my drift............ likky likky likky ] [ :> I’m smiling because you have finally driven me insane! :> ]
[ Rawr! O.o Rawr! ]
[ Alcohol makes me love you! ]
[ I always fuck the fucking fuckers before the fucking fuckers fuck me, so fuck you! ]
[ may i never miss and rainbow or a sunset because im looking down ]
[ e ..:: ( your name) ::.. e ]
[ i didnt believe in reincarnation in my last life, why should i in this onee ]
[ its not my fault i am sexy its my mum she made me ]
[ -Do YOU really care about your appearancee Or do u want OTHERS to care about ite- ]
[ Why is the rain purplee ]
[ Ya go with a girl to get away from boys and they act like that anyway! ]
[ Ya go with a girl to get away from boys and they act like that anyway! ]
[ Today the piano better fall out of the sky and onto my head! ]
[ Hi I’m Linda and may i take your order! ]
[ Old people make me smile! ]
[ I’V FOUND JESUS!!!! He was beind the fridge all along!! ]
[ Dont piss me off im running out of places to hide the bodies!! ]
[ one by one the penguins steal my sanity!! ]
[ -[A girls best friends are her legs, but even best friends have to part]- ]
[ work the word n play the play ]
[ i didnt say it was ur fault… i just sed i was goin 2 blame it on u!! ]
[ It Takes Fuck to Know A Fuck so Who the Fuck are Youee ]
[ Jesus loves you, everybody else thinks you’re a eeee. ]
[ Jesus is coming!, Look busy ]
[ Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia — the fear of long words. ]
[ Anything is possible, Except for skiing through a revolving door ]
[ Rock is dead – Long live paper and scissors. ]
[ A good joke is better than a kick in the groin, but then again, so are most other things. ]
[ Two Words Guys Hate… Don’t & Stop Unless you Put Em Together! ]
[ eeey GIRL IS FINDING A eeey e0Y ]
[ eI want to sleep tight in the arms of DEATHe ]
[ Don’t like ite..Megabite me. ]
[ eiG_eaey_GurL ]
[ (e`e._.e[ (ur name ere ) ]e._.eee) ]
[ (*)If i take a (*) away from the sky 4 every time thought of you the sky wud b empty( ]
[ every1 is entitled to a bit of privilage but ur crampin my style ]
[ u say kool, u say bitch, i say ]
[ ..Nt h8 mE CaUsE u h8 mE h8 Me cAuSe u aInT Me::.. ]
[ “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love.” ]
[ Depression is like a wave, it pulls you down, till eventually you give in…and drown ]
[ Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time ]
[ I’m not smiling at you, I’m just trying not to laugh. ]
[ e nEvEr e wAnTeDe To Be e DiFFeReNt e I jUsTe wAnTeD eTo Be e mE e ]
[ I’m not lazy, I’m just happy doing nothing. ]
[ Everytime I see ur face. I wish I was in outer space ]
[ Reality is the only obstacle to happiness! ]
[ Reality is the only obstacle to happiness! ]
[ Yesterday it worked, today it doesnt. Microsoft Windows is like that. ]
[ -=You better excercise caution and be ready to run – Like a scared punk from a smoking gun=- ]
[ Born 2 XLR-8 ]
[ If I want your opinion, I will rattle your cage. ]
[ (#)SuNsHinE(#)\’n'(*)StArS(*) ]
[ ==HellRaiser== ]
[ He who laughs last thinks slowest. ]
[ Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. ]
[ Working is for people who don’t know how to fish. ]
[ Why be difficult, when with a bit of effort, you can be impossiblee ]
[ [Large and in charge] ]
[ -={Rule Breaker}=- ]
[ Don’t you think that reading nicknames is a waste of timee ]

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